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So, you’ve registered your interest with Cheapercover. What happens now?

Well, you’re hopefully as keen as we are to bring back the true cost of insurance – and get one continuous policy that offers Cheapercover throughout your time with us.

Please help us to spread the word by sharing details of our website on these popular social media platforms:


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When will it go live?

We need lots of people to register their interest.  The more we get, the sooner the insurance providers will come knocking on our door.

Please tell as many people as you can about us.

The people that are in our mailing list – or follow us on social media – are the lucky ones that will be offered insurance before the general public.


Thank you for your help.

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Cheapercover aims to disrupt the UK insurance market by Bringing Back the True Cost of Insurance™


Cheapercover Limited
20-22 Wenlock Road

0845 527 7649

At the current time we are concentrating on Car Insurance, but if you have registered as a member we will notify you when we launch Cheapercover Home Insurance, Travel Insurance, Pet Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Life Insurance.

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